The aim of the easy2learn online platform is not only to help students to immediately
refresh the most important information from previous lessons in a short time, but also to
motivate them to continue studying the material for the exam preparation or short-term
knowledge expansion. They should be able to learn the contents in a playful way by
means of a practicable quiz.

Professors should be able to upload true/false or multiple-choice questions to the online
tool to help students assess their learning progress. Through this process, the students
can get an overview of their chosen courses and solve the questions from the respective
course efficiently and effectively

  • Jahr:
  • Studierende: Julia Rizkalla, Lelouz Ahmad, Patricia Lamba, Michelle Hege, Helen Castillo-Rodriguez, Oliver Buchberger, David Bahmann
  • Semester: Bachelor und Master
  • Studiengang: Wirtschaftsinformatik
  • Supervision: Prof. Dr. Lars Bech Sørensen
  • Tags: Wirtschaftsinformatik